• Stefan Book

    The title of the English version of 'the book above reads:

    'Stefan and the Dream Balloon, An Adventurous Quest to the Land of Apatia'.*

  • Stella Book

    The English title of 'Stella wordt een ster, geef haar maar de ruimte' is:

    Stella Becomes a Star, Just Give Her Space.*

    The book is about a headstrong smartass who is slightly unpopular with her classmates. By an incomprehensible coincidence, she embarks on an adventurous space journey and discovers great secrets that turn the whole world upside down.

  • Stefan and Stella Book

    The English title of 'Steffen en Stella, willen de waarheid weten' reads:

    'Stefan and Stella, Want to Know the Truth'.*

    In this adventure, the two heroes meet in high school class. Together, they start a covert investigation when the factory next to the school is suspected of environmental crime. But sticking your nose into other people's business is not without risk. It turns out to be a perilous undertaking with a very special ending.

    *) To be published soon.